Puffin Plan
Puffin Plan

Puffin Plan

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The Puffin Plan - Restoring Seabirds to Egg Rock and Beyond

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This book, geared for readers 12 and up, tells the true story of young ornithologist Steve Kress, whose love for puffins inspired a 50-year quest to bring them back to Maine’s islands. This once-abundant species was decimated by humans until only two puffins were left in the entire state in 1902. Dr. Kress and his team painstakingly restored their populations; today there are more than 1,300 puffin pairs nesting in Maine. Project Puffin has become one of the biggest conservation victories of our time because the innovative lessons learned about restoring bird colonies are helping not only puffins, but seabirds worldwide.

On October 7th, co-authors Steve Kress and Derrick Jackson are doing a FREE Zoom session based on their book. They are designing it to be fact filled and fun. For more information, click https://tumblehomebooks.org/zoom-with-the-puffins-off-the-coast-of-maine-10-7-500-pm-et-free/

Stephen W. Kress is a world-renowned ornithologist and the founder of Project Puffin. He is former Vice President of Bird Conservation for the National Audubon Society and a Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology Visiting Fellow. 

Derrick Z. Jackson has documented the success of Project Puffin with up-close and personal puffin photos and articles. He is a Pulitzer Prize finalist, and winner of numerous other awards for both his writing and photography. 

  • Hardcover 
  • Age Range: 12+ 
  • Page Count: 200